Pain You Know Where...

I don't know what has happened to Blogger but it's a pain you know where. Every time I try to make a comment on some sites I follow, it seems I am unable to. It's been going on for over two weeks now. Those with comment boxes at the bottom of their page are the worst. I will type my message then it asks for how you want to be listed, I use to be able to click on my google account and preview and post. But now if I click on google account it takes me back to the sign-in page, I sign-in again and then we go back to the post page and then back to the sign-in page, on and on we go this way and then I end up being anonymous if it gets posted. If it is just a comment and you click on it it takes you to a different page, you type in you message and post with no problems. Tis a puzzlement...


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  1. Originally it was just embedded comments but now it appears to have spread. I wrote several blogs with work-arounds but now many of them aren't working. The only consistent method of reading/commenting has been to use Chrome. That's what I've resorted to...

  2. I am such a newbie at this, I don't know what chrome is.

  3. I would contact Blogger and get some technical assistance. I had an issue in the past and did that. They resolved the issue right off and were very nice about it!

  4. Chrome is a browser like Internet Explorer and is put out by Google. All you have to do is download it from the following website: Use it instead of Internet Explorer and all the blogger problems will be solved. I have been using Chrome for about six months now and really like it.



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