Oh The Joys...

Is it my imagination or just every time we have any kind of bad weather, we take power hits that fries our refrigerator. This is the third time since 2007 that we have had to get the fridge fixed after a power hit. Thank goodness I have a repair contract on it. The last time the contract got to pay $900.00 to fix the fridge.

This time a blower motor at the top of the fridge went out when we took two hits yesterday morning. You know something is wrong when you open the door and the olive oil which should be solid is liquid.

Repair is set for Monday between 1 and 5. So the majority of our food is in boxes sitting on top of the dryer out in the garage since it's colder that what the fridge would be. And it's not due to warm up anytime soon.

Dave ventured out this afternoon for the first time since Tuesday. I on the other hand have been lounging in my pj's since Tuesday which is a good thing. Reason...I have a special latex bandage on my scar that helps the scar to soften and go away. The longer I can wear it the better. I had been wearing it just at night for about 12 hours. But since the storm came in I have been wearing it continuously and that helps. I had tried covering it with special band aids but my clothes would rub them off. Hence, the pj's are made of a slick nylon and does not remove the Scar Care latex from my leg.

We are getting more snow today and the University is having trouble removing the snow from all three campuses. Guess what folks...I bet the school is closed next week as well as we are supposed to get more snow starting Sunday night and going till Wednesday.

This reminds me a bit of the winter of 1978 starting in January every Wednesday for 8 weeks it snowed and not just light snows but heavy wet snows.
Heather was sick the whole time and we could not go outside and play in the snow. I remember the city snow plowed main street and pushed it to the center of the street and had to cut places in the snow for cars to turn out of the strip shopping center in front of the High School. You couldn't see over the pile of snow in the center of the street it was so high. It was insane, the amount of snow we got that winter.

Poor Dallas is getting this frozen wet stuff and it's Super Bowl weekend. Dallas is not use to this at all. Pray for them.

Happy trails...

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  1. I am sorry to hear that Norman is getting hit so hard. It has not been all roses here in north Houston, but it has mostly just been cold.

    I will suggest that you have the electric company come check the service to your house. We had problems with our refrigerator for years until one day the electricity went off but on only part of the house. It turned out that the connection of the feeder to the house on one leg of the power had burned. It had been burning for years and the only indication we had was failures of the refrigerator. It seems that they use aluminum wire to run from the transformer to the service box in the house. Aluminum is fine but it oxidizes over time and the connections work lose, causing arcing which reduces the voltage. The low voltage will take our things like ice maker solenoid, fan motors and compressors. If that is the case with yours, the electric company is liable.


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