Lazy, Hazy, Crazy days of Summer

Bring on the soda, pretzel and beer. I sure could use some iced tea or water though. I am not a beer drinker because I'm allergic to the hops that is used to make it. I can have a sip now and then but to drink a full beer will make me swell up like a toad. Sodas...I can do without the sugar but will have one once in a great while. Wine, I can drink and I like it.

I like summer, I really do especially if I am in a cooler spot than where I am now. Another 103+ day here and suppose to be 104+ tomorrow, keep in mind that is with the heat index. The heat is oppressive due to the humidity and the tropical storm that is moving ashore in Louisiana is not helping. Our section of the United State is locked in under a high pressure dome and the heat is miserable. We may have a chance of rain Sunday or Monday but I wouldn't hold my breath. Everything is drying up and shriveling on the vine so to speak.

The OU pool looks inviting and I just may partake this weekend since I can swim for free.

I've asked Dave to get my bike out so I can get it tuned up and start riding it this fall. Last week I borrowed a bike to get back and forth to work while Dave was gone and I could tell that it really helped my leg and knee. The only draw back was that I was drenched by the time I got to work.

Need to mow the yard as the dogs are starting to get lost again in the growth. It never ends unless your out on the road.

Happy trails...

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