Georgia on my mind update...

Christie got her car back yesterday evening after some additional work on the car and it's running great. The mechanic decided to wash the engine on the car because it was so greasy and discovered a pin hole leak in her radiator hose. He called her and asked if she wanted it repaired, cost $50.00, of course she said yes. When she went in to pick the car up she found out that he had gone ahead and flushed her radiator as well, no extra charge. She checked into having it flushed before she left at a local business here in Norman but they wanted $148.00 to do it and she decided not to have it done at that time. The mechanic in Marietta said her radiator had mud in it. Mud? Yes you read right, mud. He said it was a miracle that the car did not overheat on the trip over. I said it most likely was the mud that was plugging the hole in the hose. She also has an oil sensor plug that is not working which causes the light on her dashboard to stay on. He said that if she brings her car back in next Saturday he will fix it for $20.00, it should take about 2 hours. So it sounds like we have a mechanic lined up for the Jeep. Someone up there is looking out for her and I thank Him.

Dave is on his way home this morning and I will see him sometime tomorrow evening. Ah Pizza night.

Happy trails...

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