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The Eyes of the World are on South Africa this month as World Cup Soccer (Football, a game in which the play is made with the feet or head) gets under way. Most of you (5) who read this blog will say "who cares!" Well that would be us, we care, and the many families we have associated with over the last 20 years as our girls became soccer players, for rec. teams, classic clubs, high school teams, college teams and for a few, semi-pro teams. When our girls were first introduced to the sport we had no idea what soccer was. We knew it as a boys sport something girls would not play as it was deemed "too rough". But as the sport was introduced to more and more girls, daddies became interested and learned all they could about the sport. Hence my hubby.

For the next month our evenings will be consumed with the "beautiful game". Our family will watch the games and cheer our USA team on in hopes of advancement out of Group C. The USA team is a young team in terms of the sport of Soccer as American Football (a game where the play is made by handling the ball and running with it or throwing it to score and players crash into one another trying to get possession of the ball), Basketball, Baseball and Hockey dominate this part of the world.

The powerhouse teams are in Great Britain and Europe. The big game last night was between England's national team against the USA's national team, "those poor Yanks across the pond" as they refer to us. England was the team to watch as they were suppose to dominate us and walk away with 3 points. But we, the USA, put a finger in their eye and we both walked away with a 1-1 tie and 1 point each. Bully for us! Tim Howard our goalkeeper was outstanding "man of the game". He really is something to watch, poetry in motion.

Most people think soccer is a boring game. It's not at all, it's just not a high scoring game. It is a game of extreme skill and finesse. Soccer players are some of the most conditioned athletes in the world as they run constantly for two 45 minute halves being allowed only two substitutions. Try that with American Football.

Well, the next game is starting and I'm off to watch Germany, another powerhouse team and Australia play. Ghana beat Serbia this morning 1-0 on a penalty kick.

Go USA!!!!!!!!!

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