The Dreaded T Word

Yes there is a word that starts with T that is dreaded by everyone. Let me just say this, one particular set is now DONE! One down one to go. My computer crashed last year and it took a long time to get it fixed and back after several miss-starts with the company that was fixing it. When the computer crashed I lost a lot of valuable information and had to rebuild which was not fun and is still not fun but I am chipping away at the T word and will be done with the whole mess soon until next year. I defiantly learned my lesson on all of this. BACK-UP, BACK-UP, BACK-UP!!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough...BACK-UP YOUR FILES!!!!!!

Well the girl may make it to July after all , That baby boy has decided that he does not want to come yet. Friday is her last day at work and then she is going on leave from her job. As of last week he was 8lbs. 11oz. Everyone is excited and I know she is ready for it to be over with. We can hardly wait for Baby Noah to get here.

Soccer!!!!!!! Go USA!!!!!! We advanced out of our group along with England and will play Ghana Saturday. We will be in front of the TV cheering on Team USA. Watch out guys here comes the Red, White and Blue!!!

Happy Trails....

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