Nice Flashback This Morning...Florida

After getting up this morning and opening the back door to let the dogs out, a flashback hit me due to the unusual weather conditions here. The smell in the air of wet falling leaves. Gentle damp breezes stirring among the tree tops. Not cold at all, but a southern Florida morning damp winter warmth. 

I went outside and brushed leaves from a patio chair and sat outside in my jammies enjoying the lovely weather and watched the dogs frolic about the yard.
Our campsite at the KOA in Kissimmee, FL

It brought back memories of when the girls were little and we took our first trip to Florida and Disney World. Mornings like this greeted us in Kissimmee, Florida and in West Palm Beach where Dave's Aunt Ina lived.  

That was such a wonderful trip filled with many wonderful memories. 

Thanks God, for letting me relive some great memories this morning. 

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