What Did I Find...A Super Cool Place...

Going to the Doctor last Friday in Oklahoma City I spied a business I guess I really had not paid attention to until I noticed the tent out front, the antique barn doors and the cool furniture. Make mental note...stop on the way out of town to check out said business.

The Doctor visit went well and he checked out my hand as well and said that I had not in fact dislocated my knuckle, but had rolled all the tendons and ligaments in my knuckle and it would be quite sore for some time to come. Oh bother! They put some type of splint on the first two fingers to stabilize the index finger, even bigger bother!

After finishing up with the Doctor I headed to the business I spied earlier. It has 3 separate buildings, two which are showrooms and workshops combined. You can see the furniture being built as you watch.  This find of mine, the Urban Farmhouse Designs. Maybe you already know of it and have spied out its many wondrous treasures.
Just one of the many showrooms

I found out the owner started building tabletops and put them on Craigslist and within hours of doing so they were sold.  All of the tables in the store are handmade by the artisans there at the Farmhouse. They are beautiful and one of a kind. The place reminds me of the Magnolia Market in Waco, TX even though it was started before Magnolia Market.

Handmade tabletop

It is located in an old warehouse with wooden floors. You can make your way to the second floor in and old freight elevator with the help of the staff...so much fun! So many nooks and crannies to look in to spy treasures. So many neat things and unusual items to purchase. I love the way they have things displayed and laid out. I could spend hours in there exploring.  I saw several items that would make wonderful Christmas gifts so I see a trip back up in store for me.

Child's skeleton apron,
so stinkin cute!

I also found out they just purchased the wood out of a building that was being demolished in downtown Oklahoma City that dates back to 1913.  They are very excited to get the wood out of that old building as the lady said it was in beautiful condition and would make beautiful furniture and tabletops.

If you have not been there you can find it at 400 S. Western in Oklahoma City, OK just North off of I-40.

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