Spring is Here...

Dwarf Lilacs in our front yard

Spring is in the air. I love the smell of blooming shrubs and flowers, the clean smell of the air after a rain. Yes, spring is here!

7 Sisters Lily

Once again I’m getting to watch the trees start their budding out and producing new seeds for new trees to take root and grow, flowers and vegetables pushing through the dirt to bring forth a bountiful harvest this summer and fall, watching new life begin as the birds hunt for twigs, mud and string to build their nest to bring forth their new hatching's.

Flowering shrub on the OU campus

Two more weeks until Easter is here.  Watching the little ones hunt for Easter eggs amongst the uncut grass and bushes, the smiles on their little faces as they find their treasures is priceless.  Yes, spring is here! 

A snowy path on the OU Campus
Courtesy of Christie Smeal

It brings a promise of the renewal of life, beating back the death of a hard long winter. Yes, spring is here!

Noah among the African Cone Flowers

Rejoice I say, as another season starts with love and promise as only spring can bring. Yes, spring is here!

Fancy Easter Eggs



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