Uh-oh A Shot In the Back...

Since last March or so I've been having trouble with my lower back.  First it was stiff when I would get up from sitting. Then in July I started feeling weakness in my butt muscle and some pain and thought I might have an inflamed bursa in the hip. 

In to the Dr. went I and got steroid injections which helped the hip joint as I did have some swelling in my hip bursa, but the pain and weakness in the butt muscle was still there.  I proceeded to therapy and did strengthening exercises and did everything the Physical Therapist asked of me. I got a little relief but after two more cortisone injections and lots of Arthrotec (anti-inflammatory) the pain the the butt muscle increased and started progressing down to my knee. 

Good explanation of problem 
In December I went back to the Dr. and was informed that the next step was an MRI. On the last day of the year I had the MRI.  The results were not exactly what I was hoping for.  I have degeneration in the spine, due to age, along with Scoliosis as well as Lumbar Stenosis which is affecting the Sciatic Nerve and causing extreme discomfort down to my knee in the left leg. The weakness in the butt muscle is greatly affected and is a bother on so many levels. 

Today I went to the Oklahoma Surgery Center and an Anesthesiologist gave me an epidural injection of Cortisone in my lower back. I really liked him. He explained to Dave and I what my condition was and what the MRI showed.  He also explained what he was going to do. He said it may take two rounds of medication to help and to not let the pain get away from me. I noticed on the procedure sheet that it might take a week for the medicine to work.  They wanted me to keep a good watch on my blood sugar as Cortisone raises blood sugar to high levels. 

The nurse was a real sweetie and very helpful. She has been a nurse for 29 years and has a great desire to go back to Yellowstone.  I hope she makes it. 

Once the procedure was over I got dress and Dave and I left.  So far so good. I need to get my stability ball out and start exercising on it. The Dr. was saying that it would help my back if I were to strengthen my core muscles. 

So now it is a wait and see game.  Hopefully I will only have to have one shot and be done with it however it could take up to three shots to get the job done...we shall see.

Oh the joys of joining the ranks of 65 and older, two more months exactly as of today. Whoopee I go on Medicare...


  1. Sorry for your problems and good luck for the future!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  2. sorry to hear that.Having had back issues all my life, it's no fun. You will be amazed how much better your back will feel (mine saw a huge improvement) once you retire and are not sitting at a desk and are up and around (and RVing). It made a huge difference in my back. Hugs to you both !!


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