Old Man Winter Blew In Today…

Little pitter-patters of rain turning to sleet peppered the windows of my office this afternoon, as I received a phone call from the President of the University saying the campus would be closing at 3:30 today due to in-climate weather moving in our direction. It’s supposed to be nasty through the weekend…Ugh!  Sounds like a good weekend to catch up on all the DVR shows waiting to be viewed that we never seem to have time to watch.  

As I left the office some of my co-workers were working on trying to clear their windows of a good ¼ inch of ice. I remember being in high school and having to drive up a hill with my head hanging out the window to be able to see as I could not clear the half inch of ice on my windows.  I was barely able to get the door opened to squeeze in and drive the old ‘50 Ford stick shift home.  Mind you, I lived less than a half mile from the school, but it felt like ten miles that day.

We had our Thanksgiving luncheon today at the office.  I love dressing  but since I have gone to eating a Paleo diet I had to come up with something different.  What I ended up bringing was a wonderful dish of Turkey bacon, Turkey sausage, celery, onions, mushrooms ,dried cranberries, chopped pecans, diced yams, chicken broth, white wine vinegar(no alcohol), eggs, salt and pepper.  The recipe calls for  pork sausage and bacon but there are some people in our office who have dietary restrictions so I subbed in turkey.  It was yummy. It’s one of those dishes that you could add a fried egg to in the morning for breakfast.  
Sunset as we were driving to OKC

I had to make a quick trip this week to the north side of Oklahoma City to have my sewing machine looked at again.  I had gotten it back last Saturday after it was in the shop for a week being repaired. It had a much needed tune-up and the controller foot peddle had no slow speed so it had to be fixed as well and then on Sunday it quit.  As it turned out it was due to operator error.  L However I did learn a valuable lesson, make sure your needle is in all the way or the thread will not get picked up by the shuttle.  It turned out to not be a wasted trip as my Bernina
Christmas Towels
man, John Ramsey, said the person who worked on my machine was allergic to a special lubricant  therefore my machine had not been treated with it…so John lubed up my machine and I was good to go.  I have had my Bernina 830 for 30 years and it is one little workhorse and sews like a dream. 

I’m working on Christmas gifts for the family this year.  Here are some of the towels I’m making and some of the pieces of the sports quilt made out of sports T’s for one of the girls.  Do I
Quilt Blocks for Sports Quilt
worry about them finding out what I am doing?  No, as they never read my blog. Also on the list are matching kitchen aprons for the whole family in Texas.  Somewhere in there I also have head scarves to make from my circular knitting looms, so lots to do…all of this by Christmas.
Sumi and Cory

One of the girls in our office got married recently. For a wedding gift I said I would shoot a picture of her and her new husband.  I think it turned out rather well considering that it was very dark as the flash did not fire, but after a quick edit in Picasa 3, they both loved it. I have another shoot this coming spring with the son of another co-worker.  So I am looking forward to that.   

We went truck shopping the other night…still looking.  I’m hoping to find our truck by the end of December if not before. 

396 days and counting...Boy time is flying!


  1. Good blog post, Susie. My family doesn't read my blog either, so I know what you mean. I had a 930 Bernina before we went on the road but it was so heave. I sold it and got a small Bernina that I carry with me. Don't use it much, but I have it.

  2. Enjoyed your blog post. You are right about old man Winter blowing in! Burrrr!!! Have you decided what pickup you want?


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