A Pyro Cumulus cloud breaking through the heat dome trying to create a thunderstorm
Last weekend was devastating for the state of Oklahoma as we had over 18 fires going in the state at once.  One fire  was about 12 miles east of us out at Thunderbird Lake, on Highway 9; it was known as the Slaughterville Fire.  It was a huge fire and many folks lost their homes.  Another fire was near the town of Luther.  That fire was intentionally set.  Why people feel they need to get their jollies by hurting other people who have not done one thing to hurt them, I will never understand.

We found out on Monday that one person had lost their life in the fire out at Lake Thunderbird.  How sad that they were not able to make it out. Another person in our OU Family lost her home as well.  She happened to be house setting her son's house in town while he was away. 

We're now finding out the Slaughterville fire may have been intentionally set. Again I don't understand people and their mindset.  Whoever did this now faces a murder charge. 

The last remnants of the Slaughterville fire were put out this past Thursday and firefighters returned to their stations.

So sad...

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  1. Susie,
    Did it do any damage to the park out there? Sad to hear about the fires in your area.


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