First Mother's Day...

It just dawned on me that this will be my first Mother's Day without both of my girls here. It's a rather strange feeling. What will I do...I don't know, maybe sit out on the patio with my coffee and a book and fire up the fire pit and read in the cool of the morning. Maybe Dave will surprise me and take me to see "Thor" at the theatre and take me out to dinner. Or maybe nothing will happen, I just don't know.

In some respects it's a rather melancholy time, my own mom is gone and the children I gave birth to, loved and nurtured have now flown the coop to start families and careers of their own. I now know the true term of "Empty Nest."

Happy Trails...


  1. An empty nest mother's day can be a bummer or it can feel like freedom. The choice is up to you!

  2. It turned out to be a great Mother's Day. Went to see "Thor" and it was really good. You have to stay through the credits to get the surprise. Dave took me to my favoite Chinese restaraunt.And I got lovely texts from both of my girls and some cards wishing me a wonderful Mother's Day. All in all it was a great day!


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