Posting Problems...

This problem has just started. If someone out there in in blogger land can help me it would be much appreciated. In my last two posts, I've written my blog with paragraphs, but when I go to post it's coming out as one huge paragraph. HELP!!!!!! I have gone in and cleared my cache. Also I would like for the comments from others to show up at the end of the posts instead of having to click on the comment tab to see them. A good example is Laurie and Odel's Semi True Tales... Thanks in advance for any help...


  1. Are you writing directly into Blogger or are you writing it in Word or something else?

    On the comments, go to SETTINGS/COMMENTS and choose the option for Embedded below post.

  2. Donna,
    I am typing right onto the blogsite.

  3. What browser are you using? I use Firefox and couldn't duplicate it even going into the HTML area.

    See if there are upgrades for your browser, install them and see if that helps.

    Otherwise, try writing it in Notepad (or any text editor). Then copy/paste it and see what happens.

    You can use the PREVIEW button to see what it will look like before ever publishing it. Then delete it when you're done testing.

    Hope you can figure out a solution!

  4. Hmmmm it seems to be working ok on my latest post Donna, check it out.

  5. Might have just been a Blogger glitch, one other blog I followed has been having the same problem according to a post I read earlier today. Phew! LOL!


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