Round Two...

This will be a short blog today as I am tired and drugged. Tuesday I had a total knee replacement surgery on my right knee. The good news is that I had it in time the bad news was my right knee cap was only 10 millimeters thick and getting thinner. Normal kneecaps are 24 milimeters thick. Mine had deep grooves in the back so it made it much more difficult to resurface and attache the plastic glider that moves over the joint.

I have become proficient in giving myself the lovenox (blood thinner) injections. Trying to miss the scartissue on my stomach is like trying to miss the salmon swimming up stream during migration season.

The pain meds are a trip. Every 4 hours. In and out of lala land. As the good Doctor said, he didn't want the pain getting a head of me as I would be real miserable, and I have no reason to not to believe him.

Am watching the Oklahoma ~ Nebraska game. This is the last match-up for these two teams for the Big XXII Championship. As it goes away after January 1. I hope I can stay awake for all of it, as it doesn't take much to put me to sleep. Oklahoma had better get on the stick here and start making plays. At the moment they're not doing well at all.

I start physical therapy Monday. Getting tired so Happy Trails for now.

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  1. If you went to sleep early you will be glad to hear that the Sooners won their 7th Big 12 championship.

    You take it easy with that knee replacement.


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