Wanderlust...Part 2

Well. we're down the road a bit and I am ready to dish out the next bit of information.

Heading West to the Promised Land 2019

Mail: One of the biggest concerns is how are you going to get your mail.  There are several organizations that can handle this for you for a fee. The Escapee Club in Livingston, TX. Escapees Mail Service Family Motor Coaching Association (FMCA) Good Sam Club also Dakota Post in South Dakota to name a few. Some will not only help you with your mail but will help you change your domicile. 

Domicile: Do your research on this, it's very important!  Choose a state with low-income taxes such as Texas, South Dakota, or Florida. These states are most popular for establishing a domicile. Also Alaska, Nevada, Washington, and Wyoming are other states with no state income tax. If you don't clearly establish one state as your domicile, upon your demise it can become a legal battle between two states as to who gets what at tax time. UGH! 

Vehicle fees and Insurance: RV insurance is somewhat different from traditional vehicle insurance. Make sure your policy is from a credible RV insurance company.  I use Miller RV insurance out of Oregon.  I like them very much and they have always done an incredible job for me.

Some of the RVing couples we have made friends with.

SkyMed: I took out a policy called SkyMed. No matter where I am in the world, If I become ill, unable to travel. SkyMed will fly me home to a hospital, hire someone to drive my vehicle back, and cover my ambulance bills. I have used them once already and I was quite impressed with them. No questions asked, they took care of a very expensive ambulance bill I had several years ago. 

RV Rallies: There are a plethora of RV clubs out there. Good Sam, WIT Club, The Escapees Club, RVillage, RVing Women. Lots of time the particular Brand of RV will have its own club. Each year these clubs hold state and national rallies. There are a lot of seminars for all kinds of interests. If you are a solo traveler you might get tips on how to stay safe out on the road or how to maintain your RV or whatever vehicle you are traveling in.  There is also information to be gleaned from other RVers, such as information on Burning Man, or Slab City, the best places to boondock. All kinds of information is out there just for the asking. Also, some of these rallies will offer driving courses for women. Please don't be one of those women who says "I'm afraid I can't do it."  Believe me, yes, you can. If I can, you can. 

RV videos on YouTube:  If you are of the mind to be a nomad. Check out Bob Wells YouTube channel on Cheap RV Living. There are lots of other YouTube videos on RV living to check out. 

Blogs: There are a ton of RV Blogs to learn from. Some of the best food recipes for the RV I have gotten from RV Blogs.  Google it. 

Nothing was ever gained by wishing for it. Sometimes you just need to put on your big adult pants and go for it. 

My RV Bible as I call it is called Retire To An RV The Roadmap to Affordable Retirement by Jaimie Hall Bruzenak and Alice Zyelz. This is the most comprehensive book I have ever seen on RV Living and retiring to an RV to be able to travel. 

This just touches a small part of being out on the road entails. Ask questions. Don't be afraid. Live, Laugh and Love. But most of all be at peace with yourself. 

See ya down the road...

Some of the places we have been.

After having had a big RV and all the problems it had, I have decided the next vehicle I will get will be a van that my daughter and I will convert ourselves to accommodate us and our 3 dogs. No frills, just base camping. That's the way we like it, uh-huh!